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Want to integrate Pay per call in your marketing strategy but not sure where to start from?

What is Pay per call?

Pay per call is an advertising, billing and performance marketing model that allows businesses to connect with inbound customer phone calls…

Just like every other lead generation system, PPcall, is an effective way for business owners like yours to get qualified calls from real customers…

What does this mean?

Businesses around the world are actively looking to connect with quality prospects who are ready to purchase their products or services over the phone


According to Think with Google “60% of smartphone users contacted a business directly using the search results such as the ‘click to call’ option.”

So, you can see how important calls are to mobile users and how the pay per call model brings an immense amount of value to these businesses.

But we discovered that 62% of businesses who use phone calls as a conversion tool struggle to track them. So where’s the disconnect and how can you get around it?

But before that, you need to also understand that our Pay Per call system is a Google online advertising payment model that combines the map and searches to support bricks and mortar local businesses.

In simple terms, the traffic is coming from search engines into the map and payment is based solely on the quality leads we generate for you.

With that said, your business will get those leads through phone calls from potential customers with the intent to make a buying decision on any of your product or services using relevant keywords.

In a pay per call agreement, the advertiser only pays for calls generated to them.

Furthermore, through our Pay Per Call lead generation system, we will designate a cloud-based hosted PBX telephony system with a local telephone number plus area code, which will be placed on your website to generate your business quality phone call leads.

The calls will be recorded and tracked based on GDPR compliance.

Note: This arrangement will not interfere with your existing telephone line, however any phone calls that come as a lead will be redirected to your existing line for a member of your staff to speak with the prospect.

More on the pay per call lead generation system

The cost of using pay per call is easy to predict. You pay every time your sales team talks with a prospect for a designated length of time, called the duration.

The duration period varies from situation to situation, but with us, based on the keywords to confirm that the call qualifies.

At the end of the duration period, the call becomes billable. By then, the caller has indicated a strong level of interest and shown that they meet your specifications for an ideal customer.

With the right pay-per-call platform, advertisers, publishers, and agencies are empowered to generate, track, and analyze inbound calls the same way they do online traffic.

For those of you who are still trying to grasp the finer points of pay-per-call, here are some FAQs to get you in the game:

What are the benefits for advertisers?

Advertisers who choose to publish pay-per-call campaigns are able to expand their distribution and inbound call volume across multiple channels with minimum added work on their part. They also have the benefit of complete visibility and control over call traffic and customer experience.

What verticals perform well for pay-per-call?

The best verticals for pay-per-call are considered purchase industries that focus on lead generation like healthcare, insurance, home services, travel, legal services, financial services, etc. It also works well with any high-consideration product or service where customers usually require a human touch at some point in the purchase journey

How are calls tracked to their source?

Digital factory track phone calls in two primary ways:

  1. Unique tracking phone number — Each publisher or campaign is assigned a specific phone number. When a customer calls using that phone number, it is tied to the original source.
  2. Dynamic tracking phone numbers — By placing a small snippet of code on a website or landing page, unique tracking numbers are automatically populated which capture key online touch points leading to a call – including publisher or referral source, campaign, and keyword.
How does a call qualify for a commission?

Advertisers set the criteria that define if a call is commissionable. Typically this is based on the length of the phone call, in addition to other qualifying factors such as the date and time of the call, region of the call, or even the outcome of a call such as a sale or other type of conversion. Unanswered calls or repeat calls also do not typically qualify for commission. We also use some tools to analyze and classify calls in real time. With these tools, parties involved can see the value, performance for calls that actually resulted in sales in real time.

Can calls be routed to multiple destination phone numbers or locations?

Yes. calls can automatically be routed to the best destination.

Is it an expensive lead generation model?

No, pay per call is budget friendly, you wouldn’t have to break the bank to get started with it plus you will be getting more than what you pay for.

How do I get started?

There are a number of ways to get started. We provide the technology that powers pay-per-call and we have technology integrations and marketing automation and analytics solutions. So you can easily add pay per call to your marketing mix.

We hope this article gives you a clearer picture of pay per call marketing.

For those of you familiar with performance marketing, pay per call is just the next logical step that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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